Mother & Daughter – Just Beautiful Chemistry

This past weekend I had the honour of shooting the wedding of a former client’s daughter. Beautiful wedding and beautiful chemistry between the mother and daughter. The bride and flower girl that is! A few years prior to this wedding I shot the wedding of the mother of the bride (now the grandmother). Repeat customers are very heart-warming for me because it shows me I do my job well and it allows me to feel closer to my customers. I wish to congratulate this family for a wonderful wedding and give them a heart warming thank you for giving me once again the opportunity to be part of it again.

Ottawa Boudoir Photography

Ottawa Boudoir
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Welcome to my blog about boudoir photography. Boudoir photography is an elegant, sensual way of portraying women like they’ve never been photographed before…

A boudoir portrait can be tailored to reflect your personality, charm and glamourous side of yourself!

Our services include high resolution digital capture and state-of-the-art digital imaging software for applying soft light & retouching to your skin. You will even be able to see your portraits instantly! Our services are tailored to meet your needs and make your portrait a unique and personal one.

Treat yourself to the ultimate personal gift & let us create a masterpiece of yourself!

A Boudoir Portrait? Why Not?

Let’s face it, the thought of posing in lingerie in front of a stranger can be a daunting task. It’s normal! Many boudoir clients who came here to our studio admitted they were nervous on the morning of the photo shoot up until the first shots being taken.
However, every boudoir client have one thing in common; they loved the experience and were in awe with the results! My best advise for women who would like to have their boudoir portrait done but are nervous about making the decision, call us for a free consultation. It will be my pleasure to answer all your questions.  A consultation will go a very long way to make you feel more confident and comfortable with posing for boudoir photos.

As an experienced professional photographer, I find this common testimony very interesting. The fact of the matter is, to the general public photography has become a fast food! Especially in this digital age where people are exposed to photography on a daily basis. Almost everyone has access to a digital camera; snapshots are being taken on an almost daily basis at home, at work, and at social events. It is easy to conclude we’re not photogenic people when we glance at the numerous mug shots family and friends have snapped with this little digital camera or cell phone. On very rare occasions a good snapshot will emerge and you’ll say “Wow, this one’s not bad.” Truth is, no matter how many snapshots are taken of you whether it is a point-and-shoot digital camera or a more sophisticated DSLR camera, you’ll never look as good compared to what a professional photographer can create!


Professional photographers are quite simply modern day artists! Before photography was invented, artists used oils, brushed and canvas to create artistic expressions. Each and everyone of them had their own unique way of interpreting light and creating portraits.

The very same basics apply to modern day photographers. We work with light but modern technology allows us to control light. Although the basic fundamentals are the same, we photographers have better control of our finished product thanks to technology that allows us to fine tune a photograph from the beginning to the end product. Lighting strobes, softboxes, reflectors, sophisticated high resolution digital cameras, computers & top of the line photo editing softwares are everyday tools a professional photographer uses to work. However, It isn’t the tools that will best document this artistic expression but the eye behind the camera will! The experienced photographer will ensure you are at your very best!

A professional boudoir portrait is an artistic expression of your sensuality. This type of art form has been part of civilization for hundreds of years. Only the way it is captured or created has changed. A professional boudoir portrait is also a huge boost to a woman’s self confidence! The biggest reward I get from a boudoir photo shoot is the reaction of my clients when they see the finished product. I can honestly say I have brought tears of joy on many faces throughout the years.

I will always remember a point a client made one day when she said:. “The older this portrait will get, the more I will appreciate and cherish it”.

Mario P. Menard

Ottawa Boudoir

Photography is about lots of things. Sometimes it’s about documentation and memories. Sometimes it’s about promoting commercial interests or celebrities. Sometimes it’s about a client’s self-appreciation. And sometimes it’s about being in love. These are all very legitimate reasons for hiring a photographer. Boudoir photography is all about love! Love of yourself, love of your partner.

You want to present your boyfriend or husband with a set of professional boudoir pictures. Maybe it’s for his wedding day gift. Maybe for an anniversary or holiday. Whatever the reason, he’s a guy, so you already know he’s going to love sexy pictures of you. But how do you find the right boudoir photographer for the job?

One who’s going to make you feel comfortable, and still create those tastefully hot images you want? Making the decision to do a boudoir photo session is the first step. Finding the right boudoir photographer, and preparing for your session is the next.

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